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Q: Where can we find you?

A: You can find us, and find out contact details by checking out ‘visit our store’.

For more contact information and to find out our opening times, you can head over to ‘contact us’, and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.


Q: Are you part of the cycle to work scheme?

A: Yes! The cycle to work scheme is a handy way to inject some activity into your commute (and bag a bike for a fraction of the cost!). You can find all you need to know about us and the cycle to work scheme here. We advise you to contact us first, however.


Q: Is the stock we carry in-store the same as the website?

A: Due to space restrictions, the stock differs between in-store and online. Any items that are unable to be found online will likely be in the online store, with free shipping on orders over $47 (excluding bikes and home trainers) within the UK. 


Q: Can my bike be custom-tailored?

A: At Swinnerton Cycles, our hard-won expertise allows us to offer you Bikefit – a tailoring service. Head here for information about this service, including booking and availability. 


Q: Are stock levels "Live"?

A: Our stock levels are not currently live/real-time.  They are, however, updated very regularly.


Q: Do bikes come fully assembled?

A: Our bikes are disassembled for shipping to ensure their individual parts reach you in the best condition – so some minimal assembly may be required. This does not affect the quality of the bike as, before dispatch, our products are fully serviced & re-packaged. 


Q: Can we collect from the Warehouse?

A: Collection from the warehouse is unfortunately unavailable. We do, however, have a range of flexible delivery options. If any of these options are unsuitable, we are happy to answer queries by email at


Q: Can I return my item/order

A: At Swinnerton Cycles, we don’t believe you’ll want to return anything you order from us! However, in the event that you do, you should read a full breakdown of our returns policy.