How to keep your feet warm when cycling through winter

If you’re a keen cyclist that doesn’t shy away from winter cycling but suffers from cold feet, we’re here to help. There’s nothing like a fresh, crisp ride on a cold sunny day or even a Christmas day ride, but if your feet get cold, that pleasant ride can rapidly turn into a miserable one.

At Swinnerton, we want to help you keep riding, whatever the weather. Here are our 4 top tips to keep your feet warm when cycling through winter.

Table of Contents

  1. Keep your core warm
  2. Invest in good winter cycling socks
  3. Insulate your feet
  4. Keep your feet dry

1. Keep your core warm

If you keep your core warm, you can keep your feet warm, too. 

When your core temperature drops, your body instinctively transfers warm blood from your extremities, like your hands and feet, and channels it to your essential organs. Whilst this helps prevent you from freezing, it also results in cold hands, cold feet, and an uncomfortable ride. 

So, the key to staying warm while winter riding is to start your ride already warm, giving you a chance to get your blood pumping on the bike. To do this, you can put your clothes and shoes on the radiator before your ride or have a hot drink before you go. You will also benefit from a 5-10 minute warm-up before you begin your ride. Perhaps most importantly, make sure you have all the warm base layers you need before setting off. You can also use chemical hand warmers on your feet on the first part of your ride.

merino wool socks to keep your feet warm in winter while cycling

2. Invest in good winter cycling socks

Layering multiple pairs of socks can offer extra warmth because it creates a layer of warm air between the socks. However, be aware that too many socks or tight socks can restrict blood flow, resulting in the opposite effect. Bad circulation can make your feet colder.

Avoid cotton socks as they can hold on to moisture for longer as your feet sweat. Sweat will cool down your feet. Instead, look for merino wool socks or any socks that wick away moisture to help keep your feet dry and warm.

Long winter socks are also a good option because they close the gap between your cycling leggings and shoes, keeping your skin out of the cold. Why not browse our cycling sock collection to stay warm this winter?

Keep your feet warm in winter while cycling with overshoes

3. Insulate your feet

Insulate your feet with overshoes to stay warmer. These go over your current or summer shoes and protect them against the wind and rain. Overshoes can also help keep your cycling shoes clean from mud throughout the winter. 

Alternatively, if you plan to go cycling a lot over the winter, you could invest in some dedicated winter cycling shoes or winter boots. These shoes are waterproof and provide added insulation. They usually have a higher ankle to stop any exposed skin from getting cold.

Another trick for insulating your feet is duct-taping your shoe air vents on the bottom of your shoe if you’re on a tight budget. Access your air vents by lifting the inner sole of your shoe or putting the tape directly over the top of the air vents.

4. Keep your feet dry

Wet feet get cold more quickly. And with extra rainwater on the ground, your feet are in the splash zone. Use water-resistant leg warmers and waterproof socks to keep the water off and your feet and legs dry. 

Winter-proof cyclewear at Swinnerton Cycles 

Now you know how to prevent cold feet, you’re ready for the great outdoors, even in the cold weather! At Swinnerton Cycles, we want to equip you with the kit you need to keep cycling all year long. So why not browse our extensive range of winter cyclewear online today?

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