Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Cyclist

The countdown to Christmas is upon us. We understand how challenging it is to find the perfect gift for everyone. Luckily, if your loved one is a cycling fan, you have nothing to worry about as we have compiled a list of all the perfect Christmas gifts, whatever their age or cycling discipline.

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  1. Best Christmas gift ideas for road cyclists
  2. Best Christmas gift ideas for mountain bike cyclists
  3. Best Christmas gift ideas for young cyclists
  4. Great Christmas gift ideas for every type of cyclist
Best Christmas gift ideas for road cyclists

Best Christmas gift ideas for road cyclists

Why not browse our cycling gifts for road cyclists to find them the perfect Christmas gift? We have everything you need to create the best Christmas package, from apparel to accessories. Or, if you’re looking to splash the cash, a new road bike would be a present they wouldn’t ever forget.

Apparel for road cyclists

There’s nothing like starting the new year off right with some new stash, especially if their old rain jacket is no longer waterproof. If your loved one is a keen road cyclist, then a spot of rain won’t deter them from going out for a ride, meaning they need suitable wind and waterproof kit to see them through the winter months. Browse our men’s cycling clothing for jackets, jerseys, lycra cycling shorts, road cycling shoes or warm base layers. We also have women’s jackets, jerseys, road cycling shoes and base layers to help you find that item they are missing in their activewear wardrobe.

If they need additional provisions for the winter ahead, we have an excellent range of warm apparel to see them through the winter. No one likes the post-ride shivers, so that’s why it’s so important to layer up with our men’s leg warmers, undershorts, gilets and cycling tights, and women’s bib-tights, regular cycling tights and gilets.

Computers for road cyclists

Everyone loves a shiny new piece of tech for Christmas, and cyclists are no exception. A bike computer can log their distance, time and speed in real-time. Therefore, a bike computer is a perfect gift for keen cyclists aiming to improve their stats and metrics, whether their training for the Tour de France or a local triathlon. Don’t forget the computer mount to go with their new computer, or they’ll have a hard time attaching it to their handlebars. If you get both as a package gift, they can go for their Christmas day ride and start tracking their speed and cadence immediately.

Bikes for road cyclists

Of course, the ultimate gift for any cyclist is a brand-new bike. Nothing compares to that youthful feeling of unwrapping a new bike on Christmas morning, no matter your age. Bring back those childhood memories by getting them the gift they really want, a high-quality road bike. We have an extensive range of road bikes for men and women’s road bikes to suit any size and taste, including top brands like Basso and Giant.

Best Christmas gift ideas for mountain bike cyclists

Best Christmas gift ideas for mountain bike cyclists

We also have all the gift ideas for a keen mountain biker. Whether your loved one prefers hitting the trails or riding downhill on mountain tops, we have the perfect Christmas gift ideas for them.

Apparel for mountain bikers

Mountain bikers always need new cycling apparel due to the hard wear that the clothing and shoes endure. Whether they’re new to the sport or have worn out their old gear, why not browse our mountain bike clothing and shoe selection that would make the perfect Christmas gift? Our range includes men’s baggy shorts and waterproof cycling trousers and shorts and trousers for women. We also have something for their feet, including our men’s mountain bike shoes and mountain bike shoes for women.

Safety gear for mountain bikers

It’s not uncommon for any mountain biker to take the occasional tumble. If your loved one’s safety and protection gear is wearing out or is new to the sport, it might be the perfect time to get a new helmet or body armour as a Christmas present. We have full-face helmets specifically for mountain biking. These helmets have special mud guard visors to protect faces from mud or sharp rocks.

You could also opt for body armour as a Christmas present as the price can add up for one person to pay for everything. Browse our jackets, padded vests and shorts and knee guards, which are an ideal present for a mountain bike enthusiast. 

Bikes for mountain bikers

Then, of course, we have our range of mountain bikes for men and women’s mountain bikes for the best Christmas present they will receive. Whether they prefer hardtail bikes or full-suspension bikes, we have the perfect bike to make their year. Select from all the best brands like Giant and Trek.

Best Christmas gift ideas for young cyclists

Best Christmas gift ideas for young cyclists

With kids always wanting the next-best toy or gadget, it’s hard to find Christmas gifts for kids that they’ll love. Luckily, bikes will never go out of style with children. Whether you’re teaching them to ride for the first time or have outgrown their bike or bike accessories, we have the perfect Christmas presents for your little ones right up to their teens.

Bikes for kids

There’s no better feeling than your first bike, so if you have little ones of any age, we have the kids’ bikes for you. Browse our bikes for boys and girls bikes to make this Christmas unforgettable. We supply stabiliser bikes for young learners and 24″ wheel bikes for teenagers. 

Gloves for kids

Children’s gloves can also be an excellent addition to your child’s Christmas present list, as they keep their hands warm and protect their sensitive hands from blistering.

Helmets for kids

Protect your child’s head while they learn to ride their bike with a kids’ helmet in their favourite colour. Let their imagination run wild with some of our fun helmet artwork, and choose a unicorn, dinosaur, shark, cat or duck. They will be the envy of all the kids on the playground.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Cyclist

Great Christmas gift ideas for every type of cyclist

A bike fit

If your cycling enthusiast loved one needs a new bike, but you’re unsure which one to get, you can always purchase a bike fitting so they can come into our store, get measured up and choose the perfect bike that’s right for them. We have a few options, including standard, pro and race fit. We also offer specific consultations like bar, saddle and cleat measurements. 

Christmas socks for all cyclists

It’s the classic Christmas present, but we couldn’t miss it off the list. Cycling socks are a brilliant stocking filler for any cycling enthusiast that they will thank you for. Cycling socks aren’t just any old socks, as they are specifically designed for men and women cyclists alike, with particular pressure areas for comfortable riding and material that helps to wick away heat and moisture. 

Accessories for all cyclists

Another great gift idea for any cycling enthusiast is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can keep bugs and dirt out of their eyes, whatever the terrain. We have an extensive range of shade colours and interchangeable lenses, allowing them to wear them any time of year.

Men’s gloves and women’s gloves are also fantastic stocking fillers. They can protect your loved ones against the cold if they have poor circulation and can also protect their hands if they fall off their bikes. 

If your cyclist friend or family member hasn’t already got a bottle cage for their water bottle, this could be a well-needed gift for any cyclist type. It will make their bike rides a lot more enjoyable as they won’t have to stop their cycle for a drink.


Now you are prepared for the big day, armed with plenty of present ideas for the cyclists in your life. From bikes and accessories to clothing and tech, you have everything you need to give your loved one the most magical Christmas.

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