Bike Buyers Guide: Help! Which bike is right for me?

More and more people are seeing the benefits of cycling. It’s a great way to keep active, spend time with family and friends in leisurely pursuits, a cheaper option for commuting to work, and it helps reduce your environmental impact. However, with so many different bike styles and types, choosing the right bike can be overwhelming and complicated, especially for someone less familiar with bike varieties. 

So using our industry knowledge and expertise, we’ve put together a definitive guide on the right bike to buy for you. There may be types that you never knew were available or for a specific purpose, so we hope this helps you on your quest to find the perfect bike. 

Firstly, there are a few factors to consider when deciding what bike is right. Most importantly, think about what you want to use the bike for. The purpose will help you determine which type of bike you need. Also, consider what material you want your bike in. Your budget will have a degree of determination on this choice, but it’s also good to think about the functions and practicality each material offers.

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Road Bikes

Road Bikes

We’re starting with the ever-growing-in-popularity road bike. A road bike’s primary purpose is riding fast and covering long distances on the tarmac. In aid of this, the dropped handlebars help reduce air resistance while allowing multiple riding and hand positions for longer rides. The lightweight and skinny tyres help them go faster and minimise road friction. Use a road bike for covering miles, exercise, racing, fitness and leisure. Road bikes also make excellent commuter bikes as they are fast and slender for darting through traffic. 

There are multiple types of road bikes, from the more comfortable endurance bikes to the stripped-back, aggressive positioning of the performance road bikes for achieving your speed goals. If you’re into triathlons, we offer triathlon-specific bikes, the ultimate sprint racer, designed purely for speed. 
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Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes

Next on the list is the touring bike. Touring bikes are for long rides and multi-day trips. So, they should be lightweight but still have the performance to tackle high gradients. If you’re going on a multi-day trip, they’re ideal for covering long distances with racks for luggage. Their luggage capacity also makes them great commuter bikes. The versatility of a touring bike is where its appeal lies.

Touring bikes typically have broader, larger tyres than road bikes to maintain a good rolling speed, which also helps increase comfort and handle various terrain. The wider wheelbase also contributes to increased comfort, as you’ll likely be on the bike for many hours and multiple days, and it stops your pedals from catching on your luggage. Explore our range of touring bikes to get ready for your next adventure.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes allow you to ride on multiple surfaces and easily swap between gravel and tarmac without changing tyres. They are capable of handling rough surfaces without compromising speed on tarmac. The drop handlebars aid with aerodynamics on the road, but with the wide tyres and more relaxed upright position, you will have more stability on the off-road sections. 

Gravel bikes have recently grown in popularity due to their versatility, as they help you master most terrains at a pace that suits you. As a result, they are the perfect adventure bike. Expand your boundaries, break free from the tarmac and go wherever the urge takes you with the freedom to roam on a gravel bike.

You can also get cyclocross bikes that can ride on multiple terrains, with higher ground clearance and knobblier tyres for multi-surface cyclocross events. However, gravel bikes have a more relaxed geometry and narrower tyres than cyclocross bikes. 

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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

If you’re unsure what kind of cycling you will do, a hybrid bike is perfect for leisure cycling. As the name suggests, you get the best of both worlds. The design is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. With a robust frame, flat handlebars and an upright seating position, you get a more stable and comfortable ride for off-road tracks, but you also get a lightweight frame, thinner wheels and smooth tyres to reduce drag and increase rolling speed when you’re on the road. 

Hybrid bikes provide more speed and less exertion. So whether you’re planning on using it as a commuter bike or for family cycle days, this bike is a fantastic investment. 

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Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

As the name suggests, mountain bikes are best for going up and down mountain trails and rough terrains. The thicker, knobblier tyres improve grip, and the disc breaks help you to stop on uneven ground.

There are three main types of mountain bikes; “hardtail”, which has suspension on the front only, “full suspension”, which has suspension in the front and back and “fat bikes”, with extra fat tyres. 

Mountain bikes are heavier than road bikes, and the “bob” created by the suspension provides a comfier ride off-road, but it will decrease power transfer on smoother surfaces as you pedal. Furthermore, the knobbly tyres will help you grip off-road trails but create drag on the tarmac, making these bikes slower on the road. 

Full-suspension mountain bikes provide better control for off-road trails due to extra suspension. Types range from downhill to cross-country bikes. The main benefit of a full-suspension MTB is comfort and traction. The rear wheel conforms to the trail, tracking over bumps and smoothing the ride, perfect for rougher ground. 

Hardtail bikes are typically lighter as they have a ridged back. However, they can take more skill to ride as you have to correct any mistakes in the back, but they can provide a challenging yet exhilarating ride. The key benefit of hardtails is that they are better for slower, tighter trails with harder dirt. We recommend using hardtails on less technical MTB trails because they provide a more direct ride due to the rigid back offering better power transfer. 

Fat bikes feature fatter tyres for challenging terrains, like wet mud and snow, providing more comfortable and stable riding.

BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes

If you’re more into flips and tricks at the skate park, you will want a BMX. These streetworthy bikes are incredibly sturdy, hardwearing and built to withstand the wear and tear of stunts in urban landscapes. 

These single-speed bikes have free-coaster rear hubs for backward driving. Also, the geometry will have a lower bottom bracket and raised standover height to ride in a stable position standing up. 
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Electric bikes are perfect if you need extra help on those challenging hills. With integrated electric motors, experienced and new riders can go further, ride more often and get up hills that they couldn’t do before. Enjoy cycling into your retirement years with the assistance of an e-bike, or tackle a long commute with an extra boost from the electric motor. As a cost-efficient, eco-friendly option, electric bikes are great commuter bikes. 

And with multiple electric bike options in our collection, you can choose one that suits your riding style. Get some extra help up mountainous hills with an e-mountain bike. Reach new speeds with an e-road bike. Tackle multiple terrains on an e-gravel bike. Rest tired legs on your next adventure on an e-hybrid bike. And transport your weekly shop home with an e-cargo bike.

Women's Bikes

Women’s Bikes

As women have different physiologies to men, it’s sometimes helpful to get a women’s specific bike with geometry better suited to a woman’s body. We offer a range of women-specific bikes for a range of disciplines, including gravel, hybrid, mountain and road bikes.

Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes

Consider a folding bike if you’re a commuter that needs to hop on and off trains and cycle at either end. These bikes can easily fold and unfold with easy-to-adjust leavers. There is no need for tools meaning you can fold and unfold the bike on the go. 

These bikes are also lightweight, so you can easily carry them onto trains and stow them in the corner if the train is busy. Discover our practical folding bikes here a Swinnerton Cycles.

Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes feature a longer frame and space to mount a sizable rack, making them perfect for city commuters, carrying kit bags on an outdoor adventure or as courier bikes. Our collection features cargo bikes with electric motors meaning you can go further with a heavier load. The upright position and ergonomic handlebars provide a comfortable, easy, yet powerful ride.


Bikes come in various materials, which have different benefits and costs. When choosing a bike, you might have a budget in mind but make sure you know what you get from each material so you know what you’re paying for. 

On the cheaper end, you have aluminium bikes. Bikes in aluminium are stiff yet light. They tend to have a harsher ride due to the stiffness. They can also dent easier but will also last for years. 

If you increase your budget, you can get a steel bike. These bikes will provide incredible comfort due to their supple nature. As steel is more flexible, it will smooth out the road giving you a comfortable ride. However, you will lose some power transfer. Steel will also give you a strong, robust bike, resistant to damage. 

Carbon fibre bikes are the favourite of professionals and Tour de France cyclists. Carbon is very malleable, so manufacturers can create any shape they want. It also makes bikes incredibly light and robust. 

Titanium is the “new steel” in the bike world and has a significant price tag. It is the only material that won’t rust or corrodes, so a bike in titanium will last a lifetime. It will give you a smooth ride without any power loss. Titanium rides like a carbon fibre bike but doesn’t cause fatigue, meaning you can ride longer. However, it is slightly heavier than a carbon bike.

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Now you know everything there is to know about the different bike types, you can choose the perfect one for you. Whether you have a need for speed on the road or prefer cutting up gnarly trails, we have the right bike for you, whatever your budget. For our complete range of bikes, why not browse our bikes collection here at Swinnerton Cycles?

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