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What is BikeFit?

We’d like to think that BikeFit is to your bike as tailoring is to clothes. With this service, we take your body shape and your level of flexibility and make some necessary adjustments to your bike. This ensures you get the best performance and level of comfort out of every ride. 


Why would I need BikeFit?

 With running shoes, miscalculations to do with size and arch height cause be the cause of long term discomfort. Similarly, a bike can cause aches and pains if it is poorly matched to your body shape.

 Every rider has different dimensions to their body, from limb length to pivot points. At Swinnerton Cycles, we are not just interested in riding bikes. We are specialist fitters when it comes to bikes and seek to provide every kind of solution so that our products are the best they can be. 


Is this something I can do from home?

 We understand that there are no set formulas or measurements for creating a bespoke riding experience. To ensure this, we employ a biomechanical methodology to tailor your bike to your specific needs. This methodology dictates how we fit our customers to bicycles – something we have been in the business of for more than 100 years.


For all of our BikeFit options, check our availability and service breakdown here.