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Basso: a surname, brand, and a symbol of authenticity and integrity that is increasingly rare in the cycling world and beyond. In over four decades of finely crafting a better cycling experience for worldwide riders, the company has remained loyal to the same ideals. Swinnerton Cycle's Basso range includes bikes, bike components, bike accessories, and branded Basso cycling clothing. Whether you're looking for a road bike or a new bike frame, we have everything you're looking for - all under one roof.  
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11 tubes, tools, a desire to create, and an order for one very large racing frame. From these few elements grew the first of what would become many labors of love for Alcide Basso. The company he grew from little more than a garage, his love for cycling, and a desire to create lasting works of art capable of offering a better experience in the saddle.  From humble beginnings to a prestigious present, the Basso brand maintains the same spirit from which the first frame was born: continuously innovate and research new methods to create a better frame, challenging conventional practices and developing new ones, to make the best frame and, consequentially, the best riding experience possible.

A better experience atop the saddle isn't quantifiable and must be experienced to appreciate. Better handling, reliable and exciting performance, and a ride quality that leaves you feeling inspired to ride further, harder and faster can’t be measured on a scale. As such, Basso doesn’t seek to develop the lightest bikes but rather the lightest bike that can ride as a Basso should.
At Basso, it is all about the ride. There most certainly exist lighter bikes, more aero bikes, but none that ride, handle and inspire like a Basso. Every fiber in its construction, every angle in its geometry, and every shape of every tube in a Basso frame is designed around the never-ending quest to produce a total ride experience that redefines the joy in performance cycling. #ridebetterridebasso

As with any TRUE Italian product, merely being functional in its intended task is never enough. A design that stands the test of time and evokes emotion is one that is flawless in performance but goes about that performance with a style, class, and elegance that has no expiration date. Every Basso frame is painstakingly produced to not only perform but do so exceptionally and in an elegant manner. The Basso frame is functionally beautiful and beautifully functional and as such represents a timeless beauty destined to age gracefully and turn heads for years to come. Performance and craftsmanship never go out of style. The elegant, sober, and classic design is appreciable indefinitely. Combining the two is the Basso way.

Quality isn't judged merely on performance but also on reliability. Basso produces racing frames that are made to compete and made to win. What sets the Basso frame apart from its competition however is the fact that its exceptional performance characteristics are built-in and built to last. The most extreme testing ground for any cycling product is the hard-nosed racing environment and the Basso frame is made to excel, time and time again under the most severe conditions and extreme stress. Not to be fooled by its elegant exterior, our finely crafted frames are carefully constructed to ensure the same performance after several seasons of racing as they did on their first ride. Whether you race or simply ride hard you can feel confident in the fact that your Basso frame can handle anything that you can put into it or in front of it…time and time again. Made for racing, ready for anything, the Basso frame represents performance for life.

In a world in which the consumer has hundreds of choices between brands and models of any given product, cycling related or not, we find ourselves in the priviledged position to be able to choose not only amongst quality but to purchase something that speaks to our soul for whatever reason that may be. The Basso frame stands out from the multitude thanks to its authenticity. It is more than merely an Italian name on a down tube but rather one of the few products available that represent something more, something real. An Italian frame, made in Italy, made by Basso.